Hardcore Raver In Tears – ‘Last Mile (Broken Talk)’ video

2 July 2021

“The first time I listened to “Broken Talk” by Gang of Four, I felt that it was in a scene of Blade Runner, somewhere run-down and shady. In which an abandoned robot with nothing to do is looking for lost memories in an empty supermarket holding a discount coupon. The structure and characterisation of this song are very attractive to me, very current, so I ask myself what if I put the whole scene in China, what will happen in decades in the future then? So I speeded up the whole song, put the scene in future China, and told the story of a delivery guy who changed his body to a machine in pursuit of the best interests and finally broke down. In short, ‘Last Mile’ is the amphetamine version of ‘Broken Talk’.” – Di Lu from Hardcore Raver in Tears.
With thanks to Hardcore Raver in Tears and Cai Kai, who made this amazing lyric video in Mandarin, for “Last Mile”.

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