September 28, 2021

Gang of Four rehearsals for live shows always took place in Andy’s recording studio, in the basement of his house, with the drummer situated in the live room to dampen the noise and everyone else dotted around the mixing desk in the control room.
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Dante’s Old South
September 18, 2021

Tune into WUTC / NPR radio in the US at 6pm EST today where Catherine Mayer is a guest on Dante’s Old South Radio Show, which features poets, prose writers, musicians and more.
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Iggy Pop plays IDLES cover of ‘Damaged Goods’ on 6 Music
September 16, 2021

“Gang of Four, boy, they were around fighting it out on stage more than once with me in the ’70s” Iggy Pop plays the high octane cover of ‘Damaged Goods’ by IDLES and shares his memories of the Gang of Four. What’s your favourite track from Andy Gill and the boys?
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AIM Independent Music Awards
August 25, 2021

Tonight the AIM Independent Music Awards will be celebrating Andy. So will we.
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Hotei invited to perform at Paralympics Opening Ceremony
August 24, 2021

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IDLES – ‘Damaged Goods’ to feature on Netflix show
August 5, 2021

Great to see “Damaged Goods” getting exposure to a whole new young audience by its inclusion in the soundtrack to hot US teen drama Outer Banks, where it features in season 2, episode 5, which has just been released on Netflix.
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